Mrs. Andersson

Mrs. Andersson Gets Her Wish is the story of a widowed woman homesteader. Like the woman homesteaders in my previous short stories, she works tirelessly to be independent. At the same time she is stalwart soul of her community. Mrs. Andersson  supplies a liquid product that is much appreciated by many in those dreary days of hard toil, as well as in the dark, cold winters.

She fills out the final details of her life as if she anticipates moving her soul onto the next stage. She is a descendant of one of the families who sought to venture west to escape repression, and have a chance to make it in a new land. Her life impacts her whole community, in the form of her many acts of kindness. Her neighbors gather together to find that in so many ways she has touched and enriched each one of their lives.

This heroine story is the fifth of the collection of woman homesteader short stories to be published in time for before Christmas entitled A Life of Her Own. Together you will find that the stories are alike as colored glass in a mosaic . . . each with its own special shape and brilliant color.


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