Lizzie the Reluctant One

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My latest short story Lizzie the Reluctant One  has “arrived”. It is available now for 99 cents on Kindle. But if you can wait it will be free for 4 days starting Thursday October 1st to Sunday October 4th.

LIZZIE_R2v1What will become of lovely, gentle Lizzie from Bessarabia? At fourteen she was pushed away by her papa and sent with her unkind brother Adam to homestead in America. Reared to believe that men are in charge, she submits to Adam’s rules and slaves in the fields alongside him without question. He hires her out when he doesn’t need her on the farm.
At seventeen, Adam gets her a job, in town, and she experiences freedom for the first time. It is a blow when, Adam retrieves her to tend to his growing family and his unstable wife.

pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2 Buy ebook on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Write a review on Amazon and you could win a bound volume of the anthology of my 5 short stories, A Life of Her Own FREE.

Meanwhile you an can enjoy my first short story Mirna – A Life of Her Own FREE this Saturday and Sunday September 26-27th.

MIRNA_final_200x300Danger awaits Mirna outside the door of her homesteader’s shack in Montana. She is on her own except for Dog who lies near her feet . . . and the cocked rifle in her lap. Mirna is one among the more than 150,000 single women trying her luck in the West, living on land opened up by Abraham Lincoln’s 1862 Homestead Act. Alone, she faces fears of wild animals and men who don’t always behave as gentlemen. As dawn breaks, Dog begins a steady low growl. Is it the secret from her past that has come to threaten her safety? What is in store for her now?

pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2 Buy ebook on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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