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Germans from Russia Foods – Now comes the fun part. Here are some great sources for recipes, all of  which will taste better than lard and pigs feet! Have some great eating!                      Foodways Facebook page.

Food Terms of Germans from Russia.          Germans from Russia Recipes.

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Going To Town– When supplies ran low might involve a half day or more of effort and time in a horse-drawn cart over rutted roads. The merchandise choices would depend on the size of the store, its proximity to its suppliers, and the kind of products it stocked for use on the homesteads.

 Basic Foods– Flour, lard, and potatoes stretched meals for many mouths when there was little else. If the flour was unrefined, it was a good source for the essential B vitamins and protein to help maintain strong bodies. A milking cow was necessary for calcium. Fresh curdled cheese would be hung on a clothesline in cheese cloth to allow it season, and could be used as a topping for kuchen. Chickens were needed for their eggs and meat, and they were used down to their pickled feet. 

Medicines– Two key characteristics necessary to attend the sick and hungry were ingenuity and resourcefulness. Homesteaders often had limited access to medicines and doctors, and they learned to identify and use native plants for healing. Dandelions worked to alleviate liver problems when made into tea or wine. Carbolic water warded off infection.  Tonics were used for aches and cramps and to get rid of parasites in children, and horses! Butterfly weed, the sweet flag root, sassafras bark, and boneset were among the plants used to alleviate illnesses.









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