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A New Year for Women of Montana

cropped-16-DSC068473.jpgThis winter is pretty cold and snowy here in Bigfork, Montana. We have much to be thankful for living in our warm houses. Imagine how much we live a life of luxury compared to women homesteaders of Montana in the 1890’s living in a shack on a homestead farm!

You can read about these women by downloading two my two stories for FREE from my Amazon Kindle sit today, Friday, January 15th,  and Saturday, January 16th.

pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2    You can read Sophie Writes from Montana and Nora Takes A Chance on a Kindle, or any Personal Computer or smartphone with the Kindle App. I would greatly appreciate it if you write a brief review of the stories at the Amazon Kindle sites.

Best wishes for the New Year! – Mae Schick


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Homesteading 110 Years Ago

Fergus County Montana, where several of my stories take place, was once a focal point of the Socialist movement in response to the treatment of miners and other workers in Montana. The farmers had it no better. Here is an excerpt from the article  “The Farmer and Socialism”  from the Montana newspaper, Montana News, of December 07, 1904.

Montana News HeadlineQUOTE- “There is no class of our people that is so ruthlessly exploited and ruthlessly plundered as the farmer. None works harder than he, and none nets less returns for his labor and capital. After he has by grinding toil for weary months produced a crop of anything, the gamblers of the commercial world take his product and gamble with it until it finally reaches the hands of the consumer. . . . To the farmer’s lot falls all the toil, the expenses, and the losses occasioned by storms, drouths, frosts, blights, birds, animals, insects and numberless other causes, while the railroads, commission men, and the combines of all sorts that prey upon him are guaranteed their profits and charges, whatever happens.”

Although this article does not refer to the women who homesteaded, they faced all the same difficulties. A good number of them were single women who bravely “proved up” their claims. They are the inspiration of my stories. Women sod house plains I am now working on the short story Nora Takes A Chance.  A woman who is sixty-two years old meets with unexpected misfortune while riding her horse into Lewistown. My other short stories and my novel Lila are available in Print or eBook from Amazon or Lila in print from Barnes & Noble. May your New Year’s wishes all come true!                                                     – Mae

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