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 Minna_6x9_EF3 (2)Coming of age in an uncertain, shifting and erratic world. It is World War II and petulant Minna is seventeen years old. She resents being tied to the drudgery at her mother’s bakery where feisty Aunt Iris hands up insults over the counter as fast as she dishes up pastries.

But Minna wants to be out from under her mother’s thumb. Archie, stationed at Fort Missoula, inadvertently provides the opportunity when Minna becomes pregnant and he leaves her for flight school.

Minna runs away to Seattle to find work and have her baby. On the train, an enigmatic woman befriends her, then vanishes, but not before leaving a whimsical note with directions to a mysterious location in Seattle.

Minna’s world shifts as she is swept up into a dreamy world of pagan myths, and mystical principals, alongside wartime realities. ut how is she changed? Will she be able to go home again?

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pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2My full-length novel Minna is available in ebook Kindle edition and in Print Edition for those who much prefer turning pages, and also in Goodreads.

If you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon offers a free app for PCs and Smart Phones

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