A Life of Her Own

What happens when a single woman homesteader in Montana protects a dark secret, or when another is pursued by angry homesteader’s wives? I answer these questions and more in A Life of Her Own, a collection of five stories of suspense and imagination.

LOHO_fullcover_R5 front onlyA Life of Her Own covers wide territory, from the tense tale of the practical Mirna – A Life of Her Own, to the vivacious journalist in Sophie Writes from Montana who faces open and violent confrontation because she is single. Another  woman  in her sixties is the hero in Nora Takes a Chance. She leaves behind her family in Ohio to encounter risks greater than she could have imagined.  Lizzie the Reluctant One is bound by family and duty against her will. The compassionate catalyst of the community harbors a deep secret in Mrs. Andersson Gets Her Wish.

 Each of the five tales of pioneer women are about change and facing disadvantageous circumstances and danger.  The tales are inspired by lengthy research about the lives of  women homesteaders of the early 1900s in Montana and the Dakotas. As the grandchild of homesteaders, I am pleased to shine one more light on this important era in our American women’s history.

pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2Download A Life of Her Own as an ebook on Amazon Kindle for $2.99, or FREE if you have  Kindle Unlimited. The printed copy of the collection is available for $7.95 for those who prefer to turn a book’s pages.

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