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What happens when a single woman homesteader in Montana protects a dark secret, or when another is pursued by angry homesteader’s wives? I answer these questions and more in A Life of Her Own, my collection of five homestead women stories of suspense and imagination. Click below!


Mrs. Andersson Gets Her Wish

Andersson R6Mrs. Andersson has it all.  Or does she? Her homesteader neighbors love her. Were it not for Mrs. Andersson Mirna might never have met dear Mr. Clawson, and Bertha might have gone to jail for trying to kill Sophie. Mrs. Andersson runs a lucrative business that keeps her occupied at odd hours. During hot Montana afternoons, she entertains her neighbors on the wraparound porch of her two-story house. She gives her comforting arms and soothing words to folks in distress, and never asks a prying question. She is fair-minded, doesn’t jump to conclusions, and never gossips. Her heart holds many secrets, including her own. There is one thing she doesn’t have, and can’t have. She’s not one to agonize what is. If you asked her outright she’d say- “Well, it certainly ain’t the end of the world, is it?”  But . . . maybe it is!

Mirna – A Life of Her Own

MIRNA_final_200x300After fleeing terrifying circumstances in Indiana, Mirna takes up a homestead in central Montana. Before long she crafts a new life that brings her both income and new friends, but she lives with the nagging fear that this could be shattered.

When danger does appear outside the door of her shack, she prepares herself. She is on her own except for Dog who lies at her feet, and the cocked rifle in her lap. What is out there beyond her flimsy walls? Will she be able to handle what comes through her door?

Sophie Writes From Montana

SOPHIE_cover_r4Sophie is a sophisticated, attractive young woman who lives in Chicago. She enjoys all the amenities of a big city – interesting and challenging job, museums, art galleries, concerts, libraries, smart shopping, the lakefront and even public transportation. Felix, an outstanding young lawyer, admires her, and may even want her for his wife. Still, she wants to take up a homestead in central Montana.

How can she fit into that hard life? Can she  build a shack, ride a horse, plough, plant and harvest her field, kill and cook chickens, dig a well, or milk a cow? She has no experience in any of these things. Yet she has the brave spirit of an explorer. If Felix will not be there to help her  . . . who will?  

Nora Takes A Chance

NORA_cover_r4“I am sixty-two years old…I am active yet and more active than most younger women, so please think of me as physically able to endure. I have the courage and determination, and I am sure if any other lone woman can do it, I can too.”

– From Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One’s Own

Nora, also sixty-two, is in serious trouble. Nora has left her conventional life “back East” to live free on Montana’s open plains. But maybe this time she has bitten off more than she can chew. As she rides alone toward Lewistown she talks to Maggie, her horse, in a “highfalutin” way to give herself some intellectual stimulation. Suddenly Maggie bucks her right into a crisis. How can she get herself out of this one she wonders?

Lizzie the Reluctant One

LIZZIE_R2v1What will become of lovely, gentle Lizzie from Bessarabia? At fourteen she was pushed away by her papa and sent with her unkind brother Adam to homestead in America.  Reared to believe that men are in charge, she submits to Adam’s rules and slaves in the fields alongside him without question. He hires her out when he doesn’t need her on the farm.

At seventeen, Adam gets her a job, in town, and she experiences freedom for the first time. It is a blow when, Adam retrieves her to tend to his growing family and his unstable wife. She is conflicted between her duty to her family and her need for independence. What will Lizzie do? Will she be able to break free of her brother’s oppressive control and make a life of her own?

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A Life of Her Own covers wide territory, from the tense tale of the practical Mirna – A Life of Her Own, to the vivacious journalist in Sophie Writes from Montana who faces open and violent confrontation because she is single. Another  woman  in her sixties is the hero in Nora Takes a Chance. She leaves behind her family in Ohio to encounter risks greater than she could have imagined.  Lizzie the Reluctant One is bound by family and duty against her will. The compassionate catalyst of the community harbors a deep secret in Mrs. Andersson Gets Her Wish.

 Each of the five tales of pioneer women are about change and facing disadvantageous circumstances and danger.  The tales are inspired by lengthy research about the lives of  women homesteaders of the early 1900s in Montana and the Dakotas. As the grandchild of homesteaders, I am pleased to shine one more light on this important era in our American women’s history.

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